30 01, 2019

Food Bank Volunteers Jump into 2019 In Big Ways


January brought both hope for new beginnings and economic uncertainty. Our volunteers brought their hearts to the job of helping families put food on the table. During our recent partial government shutdown, many federal workers suffered financially for an unprecedented 35 days. TSA employees had to continue working without pay and needed food assistance. During [...]

Food Bank Volunteers Jump into 2019 In Big Ways2019-02-01T14:26:29-05:00
30 01, 2019

Childhood Hunger is Family Hunger


Recently, I can’t stop thinking about kids of government employees who missed paychecks due to the shutdown, or kids whose SNAP benefits are in danger of running out before the end of the month. But earlier this month, winter break came to a close and all the things we associate with “school” began again: classes [...]

Childhood Hunger is Family Hunger2019-02-01T13:37:11-05:00