//Shop ‘til We Drop

Shop ‘til We Drop

Going to the grocery store is common-place for many of us. We write out our weekly shopping list, get in our cars, stop by our favorite store(s), and pick up the food and items we need for our families for the coming week. Most of the time, we don’t think twice about it.  Heck, if we’re honest with ourselves, we often take this weekly errand for granted.

But what if we took more time to pause and consider what life might be like to not have that access or level of privilege?  What would it be like to not know when or where you would eat your next meal, or how hard it would be as a parent to send your child to school with an empty tummy because your cupboards were empty? That daily reality seeds instability, stress, and struggle for so many people in our own backyard.

So what can we do? We can start by gaining awareness and understanding of the issues (click here), we can raise our voice and advocate for our neighbors (click here), and we can get more involved by opening our hands and hearts to contribute to solutions and show others that we care (click here).

We all have a finite amount of time here on Earth, so let’s spend it looking out for and engaging with one another. That’s a legacy that helps shape lives, build communities, and creates the kind of world we’re all hungry for.

Thank you for supporting the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.

As the Manager of Agency Relations and Programs, Tyler Herman has a special perspective on the ways communities can help make sure everyone has enough to eat. 

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