“I have more than enough.”

With these five words, University of Virginia Men’s Basketball Head Coach Tony Bennett explained why he turned down a substantial raise this year so that the money can be used instead to support UVA’s athletic programs.

In August, Coach Bennett participated in the Charlottesville 29 auction, which benefitted the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. He’ll soon host a private lunch with two fans, and their friends, in exchange for their donations of $54,000 each to the Food Bank. I’d say that is more than enough, especially for lunch, and we’re thankful that Coach Bennett and the donors are so generous.

How much is enough — how much money, time, and accomplishment, for example — is entirely personal and subjective. And where we cross from want over to contentment is different for each of us.

Sharing the Food Bank vision … and taking action

At the Food Bank, our vision is that everyone can have enough to eat.  We don’t want anyone going hungry, for any reason. Many others in the community feel the same way. And when they feel they have enough to share, they do. Some slip $5 in cash in an envelope and send it our way. Others make a $500 or $5,000 gift, seemingly out of the blue.

We know that for each person, the act of sharing is motivated by a feeling of contentment. That despite what more they may want in life, they believe they have enough to share something — right now — with others in need.

Some might argue that Coach Bennett can afford to take a pass on a raise. Maybe that’s true. But plenty of other people who may seem to have enough do not do what he has done or what so many people in central Virginia do — give their money or volunteer their time with the Food Bank or other charitable organizations.

During this Hunger Action Month, thank you for doing your part to help end hunger. We have enough to do what we need to do right now because of you.

Michael McKee is the Chief Executive Officer of the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.

(Photo courtesy of Matt Riley/UVA Media Relations)