January brought both hope for new beginnings and economic uncertainty. Our volunteers brought their hearts to the job of helping families put food on the table.

During our recent partial government shutdown, many federal workers suffered financially for an unprecedented 35 days. TSA employees had to continue working without pay and needed food assistance.

During this time, Food Bank volunteers worked tirelessly to ease some of the hardships.

Our volunteers responded to a special call for help, joined us for the first time to make an impact in their communities, and were recognized for their generous spirit.


Responding to the Call for Help

Imagine having to put gas in your car, send children to daycare and pay bills all while working without a paycheck.

That’s what TSA workers had to do recently.

So, when the President of the American Federation of Government Workers, Local 448, asked the Food Bank to distribute meals to local TSA agents, we responded with help from our volunteers.

An Example of Selfless Service

Sue Jung Kim works for the National Park Services in Luray as a Biological Science Technician. She handles habitat restoration. During the partial government shutdown, Sue and her colleagues were furloughed. Fortunately, Sue could sustain herself for a few months without pay. But rather than relax at home, Sue decided to volunteer at the Food Bank. With us, she believed she could make the most difference for those in need, especially fellow federal workers who struggled during the closure.

Sue is back at work now, but she won’t become a stranger! She plans to fit volunteering at the Food Bank into her schedule. We look forward to seeing her again soon!

Starting off the New Year with a High Honor

It comes as no surprise, that Rex Peters received high praise from the Mt. Crawford Ruritan Club and Ruritan National. He has been a regular volunteer at the Food Bank for two years. Having retired from Food Lion, he uses his grocery retail know-how of food handling in our Verona warehouse on a weekly basis.

These are just a few of the reasons why we’re so proud and grateful for our volunteers!  Thank you for a strong start in meeting needs for 2019 and for sharing in our belief that everyone should have enough food to eat.

Jennifer “Jen” Clark Robertson serves as the Food Bank’s Volunteer & Food Drive Manager