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Virtual Food Drives

Sign up your group or company to “shop” for hungry neighbors. The Virtual Food Drive tool offers your colleagues, associates, friends, or family an opportunity to join you and to make an impact from the comfort of their home or desk.

If you’re with a company, we can customize a web page with your logo and send you a link to distribute to your employees. From there, they can click and drag food icons into a grocery cart to make an online donation.

It’s important to note that a Virtual Food Drive is essentially a fun way to energize and organize a group fundraising effort. The Food Bank does not purchase the specific food items put in a shopper’s cart during the shopping experience.

If you would like to talk to someone regarding your Virtual Food Drive, please email Dawn Shifflett, or call 540.213.8406.

Virtual Food Drive Demo – See how it works before you organize your own. Please note that the Food Bank receives the monetary donation, not the virtual items you place in your cart.


Register We’ll help you launch a Virtual Food Drive.


Benefits of hosting an online drive

  • Virtual format makes it easy to use and manage
  • Allows for 100 percent group involvement
  • Eco-friendly and cost efficient
  • Every $1 provides four meals
  • Dividing your group into competing teams adds fun and boosts morale

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