Give Monthly

There’s No Better Time to Join the Supper Club!

Set up your automatic, monthly gift by February 22, 2020 and see your impact double, thanks to the Manning Family Foundation. They will match a full year of donations from the first 100 donors who join the Supper Club.

The difference you can make:

  • $15 each month = helps provide 720 1,440 meals per year
  • $30 each month = helps provide 1,440 2,880 meals per year
  • $100 each month = helps provide 4,800 9,600 meals per year


  • The impact you can make is substantial Every $1 contributed helps us provide 4 meals, and monthly giving is a low-cost, efficient way to give.
  • It’s easy on your budget Some people find it easier to budget their Food Bank gift in equal installments throughout the year.
  • It’s convenient for you and reliable for us Set up your donation and let it run! You retain control and can adjust or stop at any time. And since monthly giving provides a consistent source of funding, we know what we can count on financially throughout the year to help meet the highs and lows of client demand.

How To Join (Options):

  • Electronic Fund Transfers – Set up an automatic, secure debit on the 20th of each month from your checking account and avoid credit card fees. Complete the application and mail it to us before February 22 with a void check.
  • Credit Card – Choose the Monthly frequency option when you sign up online, or complete the application and mail it to us before February 22.
  • Bank Bill Pay – Talk to your bank about sending a check to the Food Bank each month. To qualify for the matching funds, complete the application and mail it to us by February 22 to let us know your intent.