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Chew On This

Thoughtful reflections on the work to solve hunger in central and western Virginia, and insights into the experiences of our neighbors in need, from Food Bank staff and guest contributors.

Helping Valley Neighbors In Ways You Never Knew

If you’re like me and grew up in the Valley or have lived here for a while, it may be hard to fathom the fact that more then 31,000 of our Valley neighbors struggle with food insecurity. Maybe it’s because the majority of us convey the middle class persona -  [...]

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Shop ‘til We Drop

Going to the grocery store is common-place for many of us. We write out our weekly shopping list, get in our cars, stop by our favorite store(s), and pick up the food and items we need for our families for the coming week. Most of the time, we don’t think [...]

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Linking Town & Gown

By Victoria Sia, University of Virginia student and Madison House volunteer As 2:30 pm drew near on a Wednesday afternoon, I was nervous yet excited for my first volunteer at Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. I had never actually volunteered at a food bank before, but my summer swim team [...]

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An Unexpected Gift

It’s easy to care about a hungry child. But what about her mom and dad? How compassionate are we toward the parents, especially if their family’s plight is the result of their own, poor choices? It’s a tough question. We Americans are unique in the world for the measure of [...]

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