/Hunger Action Month
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The only way we’ll solve the problem of hunger is by taking action together. We ask that you join us in this national movement sponsored by Feeding America to alleviate hunger during the month of September! Check out all the ways you can get involved:


  • Visit brafb.org/learn to learn the facts about hunger in the Blue Ridge region. Peruse our events page and help promote activities happening near you.
  • Take a tour of the Food Bank’s headquarters in Verona or your local warehouse branch to understand where the process of food distribution begins.
  • Ask individuals or groups you know to organize a food or fund drive. We have tools that can help you and them on our website — brafb.org/fooddrives.
  • Encourage people you know to write their elected officials in support of hunger relief policies. Check out resources that might help at brafb.org/advocate.